SRAM announces the wide rimmed ROAM 60 Wheels and 900 Hubs

by Brian Mullin on March 4, 2016

ROAM 60 MTB Wheels

SRAM is finally releasing a wide rimmed wheelset with the second generation of their ROAM 60. The ROAM 60 uses a hookless carbon rim that has a 30mm internal width, which is pretty substantial, especially in direct comparison to its other brethren. It’s laced up to their new 900 hubset utilizing 24 straight pull double butted spokes in a two-cross pattern. It only comes in 27.5-inch size (no plans on a 29er), weighs 750g for the front and 875g for the rear (1625g total) and retails for $1900.

The new 900 series hubs are available in 24, 28 and 32-hole versions and come in every imaginable axle standard. The front includes 100mm QR, 100×12, 100×15, 110×15 and 110x20mm thru-axle, while the rear gets 135mm QR,142×12 and 148x12mm thru-axle. It uses their Double Time straight-aligned 2-pair 4-pawl design that turns the 26-tooth ratchet ring into 52 points of contact and offers 6.9-degree engagement. It is compatible with XD and Shimano freehubs. The front weighs 150g while the rear is 275g and they retail for $79 and $199 respectively.

ROAM 60 MTB Wheels

Fast climbs and fast descents — from sunup till sundown. Truly made for the modern mountain biker, ROAM wheels use a special balance of low-inertia design, weight and strength to excel on a wide variety of terrain. They’re durable enough for hours in the saddle, yet light enough for race day.


The new ROAM 60’s careful combination of shape, width, design, and materials yields a new carbon wheelset that gives bikers the speed-enabling features they want—and the critical reliability they need. Lightweight, high-strength 30mm carbon rims increase control and confidence in any terrain. The precision engagement of DOUBLE TIME hubs ensure quick, consistent power delivery from the pedals, and a durable, smooth-rolling feel. The new ROAM 60 is the wheel for riders who want everything and don’t like to compromise.


  • Light and strong carbon rim designed for more speed, more control and more reliability
  • 30mm wide profile, hookless, tubeless ready, carbon rim
  • Smooth, quick engagement with durable DOUBLE TIME hubs
  • Stealthy new graphics and customizable sticker pack.
ROAM 60 MTB Wheels - inner rim width



  • Size – 27.5″
  • Rim construction – Carbon, Hookless
  • Inner rim width – 30mm
  • Tubeless ready
  • Cassette – SRAM XD, Non XD
  • Axle
    • Front: Includes Decal Pack, Quick Release, 15x100mm and 20x110mm Thru Axle Caps
    • Rear: Includes Decal Pack, Quick Release and 12x142mm
    • Boost Front: Includes Decal Pack, 21mm Standard and 31mm RockShox Torque Thru Axle Caps
    • Boost Rear: Includes Decal Pack, 12×148 Thru Axle Cap
  • Spokes – 24  Steel Bladed Black, Double-butted 2.0 to 1.8
  • 2 Cross
  • Asymmetrical
  • Technologies
    • DOUBLE TIME – four pawls
    • BOOST
  • Weights – Front 750g, Rear 875g


900 HUBS - Rear

900 Hubs

Whether the goal is a finish line, epic adventure or simply getting back home again, our new 900 hubs are ready for the challenge. On the inside, our smooth and durable DOUBLE TIME drive
mechanism ensures rapid engagement for quick and confident pedal responsiveness. SPEEDBALL bearings provide smooth, long-lasting rotation performance. Multiple spoke-count and cassette-capability options, as well as interchangeable end caps make the 900 hubs a perfect choice for any disc-equipped road, gravel, cyclocross, cross country, trail, or enduro bike.

900 HUBS -front


  • Axle
    • Front: qr 100 caps (dia. 19mm), ta 12×100, ta 15×100, ta 15×110, ta 15×110 torque caps (dia. 31mm), ta 20×110
    • Rear: qr 135, ta 12×142, ta 12×148
    • Fully convertible with tool free end caps
  • Versatile driver body can accept ROAD or MTB drivetrain, full spline or XD cassettes
  • 24, 28 or 32 spoke holes
  • Technologies
    • DOUBLE TIME – four pawls
    • SEEKER
    • XD Driver Body
    • BOOST
  • Weights – front 150g/rear 275g
  • MSRP (front/rear) – $79/199, €82/208. £63/159


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