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by Brian Mullin on June 26, 2016

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The Bopworx Bicycle Protection system was born from the need to protect your valuable bike investment from damage during transportation and storage. Their product suite consists of the Fork Guard, the Bop Bumper, the Double Bumper and the Rear Derailleur Guard, all of which function as high-tech versions of foam, padding, bubble wrap, pipe insulation, and other forms of protection. Each of their products cushions and decreases excess movement, preventing scratches, dings, breaks and unwanted damage to bike components and frames.





Fork Guard

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection Fork Guard retails for $50 and protects a fork from damage in storage, while traveling in a vehicle and during shipping in a bike travel case or box. The outer wheels offer an inch of space all around the forks dropouts, protecting the end of the fork from damage and abuse. The soft rubber wheels cushion the fork and protect a vehicle from tears and scratches during transport, and the wheels easily roll which facilitates loading the bike. Also, the wide stance of the Fork Guard design keeps the bike standing up when the front wheel is off.


The three piece Fork Guard consists of the middle axle spacer and two rubber wheels with a locking mechanism. The middle axle section is 100mm wide and fits between the forks dropouts and has a detachable and retractable caliper spacer for disc brake pads/pistons. The soft rubber wheels thread through the dropouts and into the middle spacer and will fit both standard dropouts and 15mm through axles.



I liked the Fork Guard immensely since it was functional for any forks with 100mm spacing and could be used for road trips, plane travel, shipping, and storage at home. It was simple to push the middle section into the forks dropouts and then thread on the rubber wheels and tighten them in place with the lock knob. The detachable and retractable caliper spacer was an innovative item, preventing unwanted movement of the disc brake pistons. It tucked out of the way when not needed or when using a bike with cantilever brakes. I’d like to see the middle spacer have the option for 110mm Boost spacing, which is a lot more common standard nowadays. Once installed, the rubber wheels provided about an inch of cushioning all around the forks dropouts, protecting the fork from damage and a vehicle’s interior from fork tip scaring. The wheels rotated which made it easy to roll the bike into a car, and I enjoyed the ability for the bike to stand up in a reasonably secure and stable manner with the Fork Guard installed, instead of being dangerously leaned against something or laying on the ground.

The tool-free Fork Guard system is easy to use and protects a fork from damage, a vehicle from fork tip tears and scratches, has rotatable wheels for vehicle loading and stands a bike upright, and offers excellent protection for storage, shipping, and travel.


Bop Bumper

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection Bop Bumper retails for $20 and protects bike frames and components from impacts and damage during shipping, transportation and storage. The soft rubber puck or bumper provides cushioning, padding and space around frames and components and has a soft wide rubber strap that wraps around the object to securely hold the bumper in place.


The Bop Bumper consists of the rubber bumper with an indention on one side that meshes with the component or frame. The rubber strap wraps around that part and has a hook then latches onto the bumpers opposite side, securely holding things in place.


Wherever padding, cushioning and protection is needed the Bumper can be installed. The tool-free and simple strap design make it easy to install, and it can be attached to frames, forks, handlebars, etc. The strap system fits anything I could place it on, even oddly shaped frames and components and prevented damage from rubbing, scuffing, and impacts. It was handy for shipping and traveling and offered excellent buffering and spacing, helping to keep parts away from each other.

The tool-free Bop Bumper with its easy to use strap and hook system mounts anywhere and fits any frame or component, providing soft protection and padding between objects.


Double Bumper

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection Double Bumper retails for $35 and protects bike frames and components from impacts and damage during shipping, transportation and storage. This unit is pretty much a double upped Bop Bumper and is comprised of two soft rubber pucks with a swiveling center section that allows the separate bumpers to rotate freely from each other. They have the same soft wide rubber strap that wraps around the object to hold things in place.



The Double Bumper provides cushioning and space between frames and components and is advantageous for multiple bikes mounted on a car rack and securing handlebars and seatposts to a frame during transportation in a bike box. The double spacing keeps objects from contacting each other and prevents any scraping and damage from occurring. The rotating center makes it easy to install and align items and the tool-free hook and latch strap system is simple to use.


Rear Derailleur Guard

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection Rear Derailleur Guard retails for $25 and protects the bike’s rear derailleur and its hanger from damage during storage, traveling in a vehicle and while shipping in a bike travel case.


The semi-soft rubberized outer bumper provides cushioning while the steel reinforced plastic arm offers strength and maximum protection to fragile rear derailleurs.


To install the Rear Derailleur Guard loosen the bike’s quick release and slide the steel bracket onto the axle between the cassette and dropout and close the quick release to hold the unit securely in place. You can rotate the guard back and forth until it covers the maximum amount of the rear derailleur for better protection. It was simple to take on and off using the quick release along with a minor amount of detensioning to get it to fit. The rubber outer bumper is soft and provides cushioning for the bike, a bike case and when being transported in a vehicle. The rest of the guard utilizes a hard plastic that is reinforced with steel for strength and robustness and offers additional protection from side impacts. It can be used with the wheel installed or with a chain-tensioning quick release or rear wheel spacer to keep the Guard in place. The Guard will be an ideal item for shipping a bike since it protects the derailleur from impacts and you don’t have to disconnect things during a bikes tear down. It will be functional when tossing your bike into the back of a vehicle, providing protection to the vehicle, the bike or other bikes. The only bummer with this excellent safeguarding product is that it can’t be used with the thru axles, such as those found on most newer mountain bikes, so I’d love to see an adaption created for that.

The rugged tool-free Rear Derailleur Guard is easy to install and protects your fragile rear derailleur from damage during shipping and traveling.


Bottom Line

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection system fills a gap in the market for products that can protect your expensive bike investment from damage during transportation, whether that’s in a vehicle or during shipping by plane or parcel service. Instead of using foam, bubble wrap, towels, pipe insulation, and sponges you can use their reusable and highly functional protection products. All of their products are tool-free and easy to use, and provide spacing, cushioning, and padding between bike frames and components to alleviate damaging things.

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