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by Brian Mullin on June 24, 2016


The Feedback Sports Scorpion bike stand is a lightweight, functional bike stand that allows for maintenance, washing, and storage of your bike at a race, home or on the road. The Scorpion shaped stand has a unique upper ‘stinger’ that inserts into the hollow spindle of a bikes crankarms, holding the bike stationary with the rear wheel an inch or so off the ground. It comes with three cylindrical adapters, 13mm, 18mm, 20mm in diameter for various manufacturers hollow spindle holes. It works with any wheel size, and can fit into either the driveside or non-driveside, depending on the design of the crankarm. It’s constructed from steel tubing that is bent and welded, and then powder coated. The stand comes in fives colors, Black, Candy Apple Green, Flow Green, Red, and Orange and retails for $59.99.

Side note – Feedback Sports acquired Scorpion Bike Stands LLC in mid-April this year. The deal includes patents and trademarks associated with the Scorpion bicycle stand developed by Scorpion founder Mike Diorio. Ryan Hagy and Mike Diorio started Scorpion Bike Stands in 2013 and have grown the business each year. “We really wanted to see the product we created taken to the next level and we feel Feedback Sports is the company to do it,” said Diorio. Feedback Sports’ founder Doug Hudson said, “We liked the Scorpion Stand the first time we saw it at Sea Otter 2014. When Ryan and Mike approached us about a potential deal, we were very interested. It’s a natural complement to our product family.”

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First Impressions

The stand’s ‘stinger’ insertion system will only work with crankarms that have a hollow spindle and have an opening on either the driveside or non-driveside, though that should cover most cranks on the market today.

It came with the largest 20mm spindle adapter installed, and it fit perfectly into the driveside of the SRAM X.0 cranks on my Ibis Ripley LS. When placing a bike on the stand, the typical rearward bottom bracket position means the bike tilts forward, and the rear wheel sits a few inches above the ground, which facilities being able to pedal the bike. I was able to pedal the bike and shift gears, though the adapter and hollow spindle have a lot of drag, and it sometimes wanted to move away from the stand, so I wouldn’t want to use it as a full on tuneup system. With standard small part maintenance such as brakes, stems, bars, saddles, seatposts, etc., it worked just fine, and I was able to do swap outs, tuneups, and other sundry duties without any issues. To spin the front wheel you have to lift up the front end, so it’s not a useful tool for that, though I was able to make small adjustments without any problems.

It was extremely handy as a stand at home, keeping the bike out of the way, in a secure and stable manner. I liked using it when I washed my bikes since it was safer than leaning it up against a wall and it was easier to walk around to clean everything. I think it would also be a great item for a racer and on road trips when you might not bring along the large work stand.


I next tried using it with my Ibis HD3 which has the Race Face Cinch Turbine cranks and ran into an issue. Although the smallest 13mm adapter would insert into the spindle on the non-drive side, the lock on system that holds the adapter in place was too large. The systems accompanying brass washer and cotter pin were taller than the 13mm adapter, and when I constructed everything per specifications, it would not fit into the RF Cinch’s spindles hole. I ended up using a small round rubber gasket that I could roll onto the ‘stingers’ spindle to hold the 13mm adapter in place. The adapter didn’t turn as smoothly when butted up against the rubber gasket compared to the metal washer, so I’ll try and find a washer that will fit on the spindle that’s less than 13mm tall.

When I reached out to Feedback Sports regarding the crank compatibility, they responded, “Since this is a newly acquired product, we’re still learning about crank compatibility, so thanks for the specifics on the Race Face Cinch.  You may want to try using it without any spacer at all, as that’s always the fourth option as well.”


Bottom Line

The Feedback Sports Scorpion is a simple and sturdy bike stand that will hold any bike that has cranks with a hollow spindle and an opening on one end. It will allow light maintenance, washing and bike storage and can be used at home, the shop, at a race and on the road. It comes with three different diameter adapters to fit most crank manufacturers on the market, though I had problems getting it to work with my Race Face Cinch system. It can fit 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheel sizes and lifts the rear wheel off the ground for unrestricted spinning, though drag between the cranks spindle and the adapters can be problematic.


  • Light
  • Convenient
  • Sturdy
  • Upper bike maintenance
  • Washing
  • Storage


  • Only works with cranks with hollow spindles and openings at one end
  • Only light maintenance for the drivetrain – drag issues
  • Fit issues with some cranks – Race Face Cinch in my case

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