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by Brian Mullin on October 3, 2016

For 2017 Dainese has some pretty sweet upgrades and new entries in their bicycle body protection lineup. The soft armor Trail Skins 2 knee and elbow guards with Pro Armor padding, the articulating hard shell Armoform knee and elbow guards, the Tactile gloves, the Rhyolite 2 jacket with Flexagon chest and back protection and the base layer styled Trailknit Pro Armor Tee and Shorts with removable protectors.

Trail Skins 2 Knee and Elbow Guards

The new Trail Skins 2 knee and elbow guards follow in the footsteps of the original Trail Skins product. The second generation of this soft armor provides exceptional breathability and ergonomics and offers excellent protection by utilizing the Pro Armor padding along with Crash Absorb side pads on the knee version. The Pro Armor provides a low profile design for improved maneuverability while pedaling and all day comfort, yet still has great protection for impacts during a crash.

“Pro-Armor is the new generation of soft, ergonomically-shaped protectors, made in nitrile rubbers and inspired by the language used by nature to create complex structures. Increased protection or increased flexibility is offered, according to the way the elements are arranged in space. The perfect combination of state-of-the-art materials, variable thickness and innovative structure form a protection with extremely high impact absorption capacity, and certified according to EN 1621.1.”


The main body of the pull on armor uses a breathable and run-resistant mesh material for comfort and fit, and it has adjustable wide elastic bands at each hem with silicone grippers to keep them in place.

  • Trail Skins 2 Knee Guard: $84.99
  • Trail Skins 2 Elbow Guard: $74.99


Armoform Knee and Elbo Guards

The Armoform knee and elbow guards use an innovative articulated hardshell design that’s the perfect protection in more extreme gravity situations. It uses thermoplastic polyethylene shells which have an ergonomic cut and shape for the ultimate in protection by hugging body parts from impacts during severe crashes. The shell uses a fractal design and its thicker in the center section and gradually tapers towards the borders. The articulated joint system allows the separate upper and lower shells to move by themselves so when the knee or elbow extends and bends it ensures that protection is always provided and that the pads stay in place. The knee version has Crash Absorb pads on the sides for better coverage and protection. The main body of the pull on armor uses a breathable and run-resistant mesh material for comfort and fit and it has adjustable wide elastic bands at each hem with silicone grippers to keep them in place, plus the knee has a calf power strap.

  • Armoform Knee Guard: $99.99
  • Armoform Elbow Guard: $89.99


Tactile Glove

The Tactile gloves have a minimalistic slip-on design that offers comfort and excellent dexterity. It has a one-piece palm for the maximum amount of sensitivity from the grips, and it has silicone print patterns on the palm and fingers tips for additional tackiness. The outer back knuckle area of the glove has a microinjected section to protect from obstacles like trees and bushes.

  • Tactile Glove: $44.99


Rhyolite 2 Safety Jacket

The Rhyolite 2 jacket gets some upgrades from its predecessor and it now utilizes the Pro Armor padding on the shoulders and elbows and gets the Flexagon back and chest protector. It continues with their removable sleeve design for the ultimate in versatility. They did extensive research into body movement to provide the Rhyolite 2 with excellent ergonomics and advanced designs for the utmost in protection coverage. The Flexagon technology on the chest and back provides superb padding and protection, and it’s flexible and breathable and comfortable.

  • Rhyolite 2 jacket: $299.99


Trailknit Pro Armor Tee and Shorts

If you’re not doing full on gravity riding and still want some body armor, the Trailknit Pro Armor Tee and Shorts is an excellent choice. The Tee offers back and shoulder protection and still wears and feels like a base layer. The shoulders utilize the Pro Armor padding, and the back has the full on multi-layer Crash Absorb protector, and both of them are removable. It’s made of the high-performance Dryarn material with seamless construction and has differentiated weaving with compression areas and interwoven micromesh section for airflow and breathability. The Dryarn shorts have an Ener Dry seat pad and a removable Pro Armor hip pad.

  • Trailknit Pro Armor Tee: $189.99
  • Trailknit Pro Armor Shorts:?

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