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by Brian Mullin on October 1, 2016


GD1 Factory Grips

The new GD1 grips were designed for downhill mountain biking and are made with a sticky custom rubber compound and utilize an inner CNC aluminum clamp. They come in two sizes, a standard version for average hands, which also offer improved vibration damping (145g) and a slim version which fit smaller hands (130g). The grips retail for $34.95 and come in two colors schemes, Frozen Orange and Frozen Black. I used the grips and found them to be very tacky and easy to hold onto, and even though their thickness doesn’t provide much cushioning they offer the incredible feel and precise control.


The first MTB Gravity Grip with tapered grip shape

They more damping in the outer area with a slim inner diameter. The unique rubber compound manufactured in Germany offers adhesive and rebound properties which have never been seen before. The grip feeling is soft but still very defined and precise. The surface profile provides optimal grip and reduces the gripping force at the same time. The slim inner stop additionally improves fast positioning of the hand. The high-strength aluminum inner clamp keeps the grip torsion-proof even for carbon handlebars.Available in two different diameters, standard and slim. Suitable for various hand sizes or the preference for slim grips

Available in two different diameters, standard and slim. Suitable for different hand sizes or the preference for slim grips or more damping – in translucent frozen orange or frozen black.

  • Tapered grip shape – more external damping, slimmer inner diameter
  • Top: Anti-slip zone profile
  • Bottom: Minimum gripping force needed when pulled
  • Inner stop improves orientation while gripping
  • High-tensile inner clamp made of aluminum
  • Interchangeable end plugs


SMD2 – The Downhill Saddle

When riding at breakneck speeds while biking downhill, you don’t spend much time sitting on the saddle and primarily use it for steering with your thighs. The new SMD2 saddle was specifically designed to facilitate those activities. 

The seating section of the saddle was given a durable anti-slip surface while the nose has lower friction properties for quick movements and there is padding all around the outside for protection and control. Its shape offers perfect characteristics for downhill use and the bottom gap at the rear is flat and short for additional tire clearance during massive bottoming out of the suspension. It comes in one size, three versions, the SMD2 for $59.95, the SMD2 Comp for $89.95 and top of the line SMD2 Pro Titanium for $149.95.


“The saddle is rarely used for sitting in Downhill. It serves in the handling of the bike for pedaling, as well as in the air. The SMD2 was developed precisely to meet these needs, which directly results in no need for different saddle widths.”

During an intensive development period, the requirements of the SMD2 were framed with the help of downhill professionals: The first saddle of Ergon which is barely used for sitting, but instead to stir the bike. The entire surface design follows a tilted orientation of the saddle and offers the rider complete freedom of movement. The guidance of the bike with the inner leg is improved by the circumferential padding of the edges. Other notable downhill features are shock-resistant rails and extra large tire clearance at the rear during deflection of the rear end.

  • Seating Surface – Anti-slip surface for perfect grip in seated passages (Mod. Comp / Pro Titanium). Sturdy and easy-care microfiber seat cover for long durability.
  • Shape -Flowing contour follows the motion sequence characteristic of downhill – for a smooth descent.
  • Surface -Low friction coating to diminish friction for rapid shifts and while pedaling.
  • Wheel Gap- Extra flat, short rear without edges for the largest possible tire clearance during deflection of the swing arm.
  • 360° Edge Padding – Full edge padding for maximum protection and optimized leg guidance.


IP3 Solestar

The new IP3 ergonomic insole offers improved stability, comfort, and performance along with decreased fatigue while pedaling on a bike. Ergon partnered with the German Solestar insole company that has an innovative patented design called Stabilization-Delta that proves a lowering of the metatarsophalangeal joint, increasing the forefoot footrest and ankle joint support (wow). The three layer sole structure has a robust antibacterial cotton top, an EVA foam padding with a fiber reinforced bottom shell for stabilization. The insoles come in one color, six sizes and retail for $59.95.


For the optimal impact of your performance on the bike, the leg power needs to be effectively converted into propulsion. IP3 insoles support and stabilize the power flow from the legs along the feet straight to the pedals. Due to the patented stabilization delta, a natural position of the foot is achieved through three points resulting in an efficient and comfortable motion sequence while pedaling.

Three layers:

  • Top Layer – Robust surface of antibacterial carbon fabric
  • The middle is 3D-Padding – Made of closed-cell EVA foam for optimized damping.
  • Bottom is a Stabilization Shell – Made of fiber reinforced synthetic for an effective power transfer

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