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by Brian Mullin on November 2, 2016



Brian Davis, Creator of Fix It Sticks, to Launch “The Weatherneck System” with the New “Mullet Hat” on Kickstarter.

The Weatherneck System functions as a tactical breakaway balaclava for active outdoor enthusiasts. Using the new Mullet Hat and the Weatherneck facemask, the two pieces magnetize together functioning as The Weatherneck System.


APPLETON, Wis. – October 25, 2016 – Being active in the outdoors during winter weather requires an array of specialized clothing meant to keep you warm, but plenty of experts agree that being able to shed those layers is critical to overall performance. The Weatherneck System excels at just that. Comprised of a facemask and a hat, strong magnets connect the two, which creates a modular balaclava.

The Weatherneck, which launched last season, as a quick release bandana, now incorporates the new Mullet Hat and a revised Weatherneck. Together they form a unique, holistic design – The Weatherneck System.


First Impressions

The Mullet hat with its long draping neck piece was soft and comfortable. The stretchy material and shape allowed you to partially or fully cover your ears, depending on the warmth and ventilation desired. The neck section comes down around your lats and offers excellent coverage and prevents any errant drafts from creeping down into your jacket or jersey. The top of the hat has a longitudinal mesh section to help with ventilation and breathability and the soft material around the lower circumference is plush and comfy. The hat could easily be worn by itself during cold days, and it offers superb warmth and moisture management properties. When it gets windy or bitterly cold, you can attach the Facemask portion, which easily pops on with the magnetic system to the Mullet hat. I liked the new system since having the magnets on the hat prevented the Facemask from drooping and falling downwards off your face and nose. The vertical section of mesh material on the front of the Facemask offered excellent breathability and prevented overheating and fogging goggles or sunglasses. I am looking forward to spending some more time with the unique Weatherneck System, and the synchronicity of the Mullet Hat and Facemask with the easy on and off magnetic designs offers lots of functionality and usefulness in cold weather.

Help out with their campaign at Weatherneck System Kickstarter
“The Mullet Hat has steel tabs sewn into the back of the hat which allows the magnets in the face shield to quickly attach and detach, keeps the mask high and allows for simple re-sizing. The Mullet Hat covers the neck and ears very well, and the mesh prevents overheating,” said Brian Davis, the product creator.  “The hat has a very different look but it works great, and that’s what I care about in the cold.”


“We are manufacturing in Wisconsin with a great partner that provided a high level of quality and assisted with the purposeful design. We’re using technical USA-made fabrics to wick moisture and create better airflow. The goal was to create a system that you could start out with and be comfortable. Then later, if you overheat, shed the facemask without missing any action. Magnets make it silent, quick, and clean, which is important to some customers like hunters and tactical teams. You can remove The Weatherneck with one hand in one second and not have to put up with that choking feeling you get with other balaclavas,” Davis explained.


The Weatherneck System, which is made in the USA, is offered as one-size-fits-most and is only available in black at this time.

“It solves similar problems for military, skiing, snowboarding, running, cycling and anyone who is active in the outdoors no matter the temperature. The Weatherneck System provides just enough warmth to protect while not adding bulk,” concluded Davis.

The Kickstarter campaign is slated to launch November 1, 2016. Shipping is expected to begin in early to mid-December after the campaign. Backers of the campaign can expect USA orders to arrive in time for Christmas.

The Weatherneck System is $40 with free USA shipping. The campaign has a goal of $10,000.


Please note that Weatherneck owners could just purchase the Mullet Hat and enjoy the full benefits of the new system design, as it is backward compatible. The Mullet Hat will sell for $25, and the face shield will be $20, with free USA shipping.

The campaign can be found here:


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