New Video of Chris Akrigg taking trials to non trails

by Brian Mullin on December 28, 2016

Chris Akrigg – As It Lies

Chris is from Keighley, Yorkshire, England and has been riding for Mongoose since 2006. He was a 6-times British Trials Champion, and this new video shows his prowess going off the normal terrain of purpose built trails. I loved the section through the creek and was amazed how he kept traction with wet tires on slippery and mossy rocks. I do wish they had a better budget for music, since what they used was annoying and cheesy.

“Guess the clue’s sort of in the title! I’ve never been one for over building lines or riding purpose built trails, so here you go a super raw winter thrash keeping it real up on the moors.”

[youtube width=”853″ height=”480″][/youtube]

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