Just In – SQlab 611 Ergowave Active Saddle and Cane Creek OPT Remote

by Brian Mullin on February 3, 2017

The SQlab 611 Ergowave Active Carbon is an excellent ergonomic and comfortable saddle with tons of innovations while the Cane Creek OPT remote provides on the fly micro-adjustability to their DB rear shocks with Climb Switch technology.


SQlab introduced their new 612 and 611 Ergowave saddles models this year. The key features for SQlab’s saddles are there multiple sizing that is specific for the riders sit bone width, the stepped rear design, which pushes the rider’s weight onto those sit bones and the MaxContact nose section.

The new Ergowave saddle has a sleek raised rear that offers more rearward support and maximizes power transmission. The saddles have a new shell designed in conjunction with the University of Frankfurt, and they provide optimal ergonomic positioning while sitting on the rear of the saddle. The elevated wave shaped Ergowave profile contours from the back to front, and the form-fitting design transfers energy for forward movement instead of wasting energy in a poor sitting position. It has a lower and more level nose section and a pronounced center dip, so less pressure is applied to the sensitive nether regions.

The saddle uses their Active Technology system which offers up to a 7° pelvis movement which mimics the biomechanics of walking, and this correlates to an increased pedaling efficiency and decreased pressure on the sit bones and a mobilization of the spinal discs. The Active damping system uses three different density elastomers, which are swappable (plug-n-play) depending on the riders desired amount of lateral movement of the hips.



I am looking forward to trying out the 611 Ergowave Active Carbon saddle as their ergonomic designs make the saddles more comfortable, efficient and easier to spend longer periods of time out riding without numbness or hot spots, especially in the nether regions. The active elastomer system provides lateral movement of the hips which provides comfort and pedaling efficiency when seated on the rear. The saddle weighs in at a svelte 221 grams.

For further information refer to sq-lab.com

Cane Creek

Cane Creek Cycling Components is introducing the OPT and DROPT handlebar remote systems for 2017.

The OPT climb switch handlebar remote – allows handlebar access and optimized control to the climb switch function of any DBAIR [IL], DBCOIL [IL], and DBINLINE shocks. OPT’s mechanical cable design was intended to keep the remote simple and reliable.

OPT has two different mounting options (bottom and top loading) to cater to several types of shock mounting orientations. The OPT retails for $54.99 in either the top mount or bottom mount options.

To maximize handlebar real estate, the DROPT  cable-actuating dropper post remote was designed to couple with the OPT Climb Switch and create one clean connection to the handlebar for two remote systems. Adjustable lever positioning, cable pull options to limit lever movement, and two types of cable insertion methods make the Cane Creek dropper remote the most versatile on the market. Provided with a handlebar mount, this remote system can also be used separately from OPT for a high-quality dropper remote. The DROPT retails for $69 and is compatible with all other posts using a cable actuating remote system.


I’ll am using the OPT remote with my Cane Creek DBinline rear shock, and it should provide plenty of functionality. I am always playing with the climb switch setting on the shock but this remote will not only allow me to easily do it on the fly (no need to reach down blindly and do it manually) but it will offer finer grain settings to be accomplished on the CS lever for improved comfort and riding efficiency. I have used it for two rides, and it’s been extremely useful, and I have found myself riding faster, and it assists with climbing on technical terrain.

The installation went fairly straight forward, though it was easy to remove the shock to add and assemble the new parts. I think the trickiest part was getting the housing and cable cut to the proper length and figuring out how to route things correctly. The OPT top mount weighed 31 grams, and the uncut cable/housing is 75 grams.

For further information refer to canecreek.com

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Jerry D Greer February 3, 2017 at 3:54 pm

I’ve finally had the chance to spend some time on my new 611 Ergowave Active S-Tube and I give it a 10! I’ve been riding SQLab for a couple of years now. I have a 611 Active Race Ti on my road bike and I replaced my 612 Ti with this saddle. I’ve loved them all but the Ergowave takes it to a new level.


Brian Mullin February 3, 2017 at 5:14 pm

Glad you like the new Ergowave saddles. I have used their 611 and 611 Active for a long time and found them comfortable, so looking forward to trying out the newest technology.


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