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by Brian Mullin on April 10, 2017

The new Kali Interceptor is a Trail helmet that offers enhanced protection using the innovative Low-Density Layer (LDL) technology and Nano Fusion multi-density EPS with acrylic self-healing foam. It provides deep coverage over the neck and plenty of air flow via its 24 vents, a Boa retention dial, anti-microbial padding, an adjustable visor, and an accessory mounting system.

The Interceptor meets EN 1078 and CPSC certifications, comes in small/medium (52-58 cm) and large/x-large (58-62 cm) sizes, five colors, weighs around 360 grams and retails for $180. For further information refer to kaliprotectives.com


The green Low-Density Layer (LDL) technology are strips of vinyl nitrile gel padding that look a bit like a Lego block, and they are strategically integrated into the helmet under the padding to help reduce lateral and rotational forces.

The viscoelastic material hardens upon impact to offer low-G protection and also acts as a memory foam, which contributes to reducing hot spots and increases comfort. The raised cylindrical cups or pucks react by compressing for linear G-forces or shifting for rotational G-forces on your head to improve the helmet’s overall impact absorption. There are 14 LDL strip pads under the helmets padding and a 15th one located at the brow, the latter is optional to install depending on helmet fitment.

The Nano Fusion is an in-molded multi-density EPS with acrylic self-healing foam and carbon nanotubes. It helps dissipate impact energy more efficiently in a smaller volume.

First Impressions

The Interceptor is a lightweight and comfortable helmet with excellent coverage over the ears and down over the neck. The anti-microbial pads were soft and plush against the head and since the padding and the LDL work in synergy there was ample use of it throughout the helmet.

The strap system was highly functional, but it did take some extra time to get it properly adjusted. The left strap is directly attached to the helmet, but when it snakes out the back of the helmet it has a lock-snap that hold it in place, this system allows you to adjust the length of the strap when it comes out on the right side for fine tuning purposes. The directly attached right side strap is short, and the left and right securely tie together on the right side ear piece and the chin strap. The ear adjusters for the chin strap utilize a locking clasp, and they were stable and never loosened on me, and the rear strap nicely tucked behind my ears, so it was unobtrusive. The rear floating retention system with its Boa ratchet design worked well and provided a secure and stable platform for the back of your head, making sure the helmet stayed put. The Boa’s wheel was easy to adjust on the fly making for simple tweaks on almost any terrain.

The 24 vents did a great job for a Trail helmet, and they ported the air straight through helping with ventilation and cooling. This Supervent design features five intake ports and 19 rear exhaust vents that efficiently evacuate heat build up.

The accessory mount kit utilizes a rail mount that secures with an o-ring, and this system allows attachment of a GoPro and half-round adapter for cameras and lights. The mount snaps onto the top of the helmet and is held in place with an o-ring, and then you can slide on either the generic GoPro or round adapters.

So far I have enjoyed my time wearing the Kali Protectives Interceptor during my mountain bike rides, with highlights to its comfort, weight and Boa retention system. The innovative LDL and Nano Fusion add a slew of protection technologies for the utmost in helmet safety performance for my most valuable asset, my head.

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Dan April 27, 2017 at 9:08 am

Just picked up an Interceptor myself and I like it so far. But, the “3 position” visor has already worn out/broken/come loose and slides back and forth (or up and down) more freely than when new. This is after just a couple of hours of fiddling with it. Bummer. Not sure how to address yet but thinking either a) remove it altogether, or b) glue/tack it in place.


Brian Mullin April 27, 2017 at 2:04 pm

I’d suggest calling Kali about your issue at (888) PRO-KALI. I haven’t had any issues with mine as yet, and it still moves up and down through its three positions.


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