Sea Otter 2017 – CushCore Inner Tire Suspension System

by Brian Mullin on May 5, 2017

CushCore is a foam tire insert that improves handling and cornering performance, offers shock absorption and vibration attenuation, and prevents flats and rim denting. The triangular shaped foam insert fits snugly against the rim, filling in the lower cavity interface between the tire and rim. They work in synergy to act like together a spring and damper, hence offering a mini tire internal suspension system. The system does add 250-260 grams in rolling weight, but for Enduro, aggressive, racers and heavy riders, the weight penalty is more than offset by the lack of puncturing and flatting and burping, damping effects, improved stability, and shock absorption.

They come in 27.5″ and 29″ sizes and currently fit 2.1-2.5″ tires and an internal rim width of 22-35mm, though wider options will be announced in the future. The kits retail for $149 and include two CushCore and their unique air valves. The 27.5″ insert weighs 250 grams each while the 29″ comes in at 260 grams.

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CushCore is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside a mountain bike tire. It divides the inner volume of the tire in half, with air underneath the tread and the CushCore insert next to the rim. CushCore absorbs impacts, reduces vibration, and adds lateral stability to the tire. These characteristics translate to a more controlled, comfortable, and faster ride. This system is designed to be used with tubeless-ready or tubeless converted mountain bike rims and tires. CushCore is compatible with tubeless tire sealants. A specially designed tubeless air valve is included with each insert. The air valve allows air to move through the valve without becoming obstructed by the insert.

The problem with pneumatic tire systems, whether tube or tubeless, is that they act as air springs. They bounce and deflect off obstacles because they provide no damping of compression or rebound forces. CushCore is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside a mountain bike tire.  It divides the inside of the tire in half with air directly underneath the tread and the CushCore insert next to the rim.  They work together like a spring and damper – In other words, anInner-Tire Suspension System.

Key Attributes of CushCore

  • Superior Shock Absorption and Vibration Attenuation
  • Superior Cornering Performance
  • Rolling Resistance
  • The Highest Level of Flat Prevention and Rim Protection
  • CushCore allows riders to run lighter tires and rims
  • The “Tire Performance Compromise.”


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