Review – Slytech ElbowPro NoShock XT Lite Armor

by Brian Mullin on June 9, 2017

The Slytech ElbowPro NoShock XT Lite soft armor has proven itself to be comfortable, form-fitting, durable and has offered protection and safety to the elbows whenever unforeseen crashes and impacts to the ground have occurred.  It uses the shock absorbing Slytech NoShock technology for the ultimate in performance, protection, and security along with Armortex abrasion resistant panels for durability and stretchy lightweight fabric for fit and comfort.

The slip-on armor is EN 1621-1 Level 1 certified, comes in two sizes (S/M and L/xl) and retails for $94.99 for the elbow and $99.99 for the knee.

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The ElbowPro and KneePro NoShock XT Lite is their upscale soft armor for your elbow and knee, and it utilizes their 2nd Skin XT material molded into the NoShock honeycomb cone structure which dissipates impact forces multi-directionally.

It features a stretchy mesh fabric body with excellent ventilation and comfort, silicone bands on the cuffs for secure positioning and an Armortex abrasion resistant panel on the front for durability and puncture protection. I found the lightweight mesh material comfortable and highly breathable and it wicked moisture extremely well and I never found them too hot even when wearing the armor underneath long sleeved jerseys. The thickness and combination of the 2nd Skin XT material molded into the NoShock honeycomb cone structure and Armortex panel offered a slim cut which meant it fit comfortably underneath jerseys and jackets without any issues with binding or tightness.  The tough Armortex panel has been durable, and the mesh material and stitching haven’t torn or detached as yet, making for a long-lived and well-made pair of soft elbow armor.

The top of the sleeve features an elastic cuff with a silicone band in the middle to keep the elbow pad from creeping down while the bottom has just a plain elastic cuff for comfort and security. I do wish the upper cuff was just a bit wider since I found that it cut into my bicep after a long day of riding, and although it was never painful it was discomforting. Even after an incredibly long day of riding and maneuvering around on the bike, they never moved or creep out of place, and during crashes, they stayed securely in position for the utmost in safety and protection.

Bottom Line

I loved the Slytech ElbowPro NoShock XT Lite pads, and they were super comfy and offered excellent protection during crashes, though they’re still thin soft armor and are out of their realm for full-on downhill usage. They fit snugly but never felt constrictive, and they had just enough thickness for safety and protection yet were thin enough to comfortable fit under long sleeved jerseys and jackets. The cuffs and compressive mesh material kept them in place, and the mesh material was comfortable, breathed and wicked extremely well.

The ElbowPro NoShock XT Lite are a durable, comfortable, and well-made set of soft armor and the innovative NoShock technology and 2nd Skin XT material provide impact and energy absorption during crashes.


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