SILCA Unveils Their Upgraded T-Ratchet + T-Torque Multitools

by Brian Mullin on October 19, 2017


At SILCA, innovation is always been an ongoing and self-determined process so they’re releasing an upgraded version of their gorgeous T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque multitools. They’re built with a combination of titanium and lightweight materials and the detailed craftsmanship aligns with SILCA’s beautifully designed work of art and highly functional tools. This device allows you to easily and accurately adjust and tighten the high-end components on your bike to an exact torque spec without fear of damage.

Press Release

The Lightest Most Compact Multi-Tool With Torque Measurement
Shedding Weight and Improving Accuracy, SILCA Unveils Their Upgraded T-Ratchet + T-Torque Multitools

Monday, October 16, 2017 — INDIANAPOLIS, IN. – SILCA – Re-Introduces their top-selling T-Ratchet + T-Torque multi-tools with an upgraded torque tube making it even easier to use. The T-Ratchet + T-Torque are high ergonomic multi-tools with a torque measuring extender that provides real-time feedback to the torque you are tightening too.

Roughly 70% of damage to high-end carbon components such as seat posts, handlebars and stems happen when making adjustments without using proper torque. This problem is further accentuated by the fact that the majority of adjustments made without torque occur on the roadside or trail.

Weighing in at a mere 30 grams, the Ti-Torque is a featherweight in tool category, transforms a highly delicate maintenance function into an easy, highly portable, and on-the-go accurate adjustment. Equipped with a torque measuring extender that provides real-time feedback, the Ti-Torque beam now has three separate scales on it; 2-6, 3-5 and 4-8. This allows you to more easily see when you’ve reached your desired torque setting.

Other feature highlights include interchangeable magnetic components to convert from a screwdriver to ratcheting T-Handle in seconds, which gives the user the ability to have several tools at once in an extremely small duck waxed canvas carrying case that fits perfectly into a jersey pocket.


  • Ti-Torque Beam for Measuring 2-8Nm
  • 72 tooth ratchet with convertible magnetic extensions
  • Fully magnetic components
  • Steel bit extender
  • Hex bits (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm)
  • Torx bits (T10, T20, T25)
  • 2mm Phillips bit
  • Duck waxed canvas carrying case (120mm x 70mm x 30mm)
  • Titanium and Aluminum construction
  • MSRP – $99

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