Darn Tough Light Cushion Bike Sock

by Brian Mullin on August 29, 2012


have always been a fan of wool socks, as they are durable, comfortable,
breathe well, and most of all they prevent stinky feet! Three biggies
that I think of with wool are: moisture, temperature, and odor control.
These new socks from Darn Tough look very promising, and I can’t wait to
test out a set.

Introducing the new LIGHT CUSHION BIKE SOCK!

Tough Vermont socks has raised a bar that seemed it couldn’t go any
higher. Their new Light Cushion Bike sock is half the wool yarn weight
of existing styles, making these new socks lighter while still retaining
the high-density cushioning Darn Tough is known for. Thinner, 17.5
micron Merino wool yarns are softer and longer while 1441 stitches per
square inch make the sock stronger overall.

Like a cross between
Darn Tough’s Ultra-Light and Cushion sock, the new Light Cushion socks
are ideal for the performance cyclist who wears form-fitting footwear
but prefers some under-foot cushion without bulk. Available in both 1/4
length ($17) and no-show ($14) with a new articulating ankle cuff, and
they’ll be available in Spring 2013. Plus, they’ll have new Men’s and
Women’s ¾ Crew Mesh Bike socks in stylish new colors and designs.
Made in Vermont 
We live and work in Vermont. Our backyard is the perfect testing ground
to make the finest Premium All Weather Performance Socks. We ski,
snowboard, hike, bike and run in the most unforgiving climate in the
lower 48. It is under these conditions that we design, test and
manufacture our socks.

True Seamless Technology
the latest generation of Italian knitting machines, we’re able to knit
ultra-light yet extremely dense socks with an undetectable toe seem,
here in Vermont. The result is miles and miles (and miles) of
blister-free bliss. Feel the difference of feeling nothing at all.

High Density Knitting
More knit stitches per inch equates to durability and cushioning without bulk.

Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
Simply and without strings or conditions: if our all weather
performance socks are not the most comfortable and durable socks you
have ever worn, return them for another pair or your money back. No
strings. No conditions. For life. When you are really serious about
something you make it yourself.

Merino Wool
custom count, shrink treated Merino wool enhances the comfort and
durability that outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect from this fiber.
The Light Cushion sock uses light-weight Merino wool yarns (17.5
microns), and has excellent antimicrobial and moisture wicking

About Darn Tough Vermont

Darn Tough Vermont is an American manufacturer of premium, all-weather
outdoor socks with headquarters in Northfield, Vermont, offering both
Specialty and Tactical product lines. Darn Tough Vermont’s Specialty
line offers footwear in six active wear categories: ski/ride, hike/trek,
run/bike, lifestyle, hunt and kid’s styles – all of which carry the
industry’s only unconditional lifetime guarantee. Darn Tough’s product
is distinguished from industry competitors by 100 percent USA
manufacturing; small-needle knitting which results in more stitches per
inch and exceptional durability and cushioning; True-Seamless™
technology; and an exclusive blend of either Coolmax® or ultra-fine
merino wool for comfort, fit, durability and moisture management. The
company was founded by Ric Cabot in 2004, a third-generation sock maker,
and operates out of Cabot Hosiery Mills. For more information, visit: www.darntough.com.

Source – Tom Kupfer

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