Interbike 2015 – Armor from G-Form and 7iDP

by Brian Mullin on October 21, 2015

G-Form Knee Pads

G-Form is coming out with a women’s specific armor lineup and is releasing the new PRO-X Knee-Shin Guard. 7iDP is getting into the helmet business with three new models and their Transition Knee, and Flex Knee armor get a wrap around design that is easy to take on and off.

G-Form Armor

The G-Form company makes protection gear for consumer electronics and extreme athletic endeavors, that makes use of PORON XRD, which is a density changing and impact rate-dependent material. The basis of their product is RPT, which is Reactive Protection Technology, and is a combination of the PORON XRD material and their proprietary G-Form technology. What the product does is stiffens instantly on an impact, and it absorbs over 90% of the energy, providing excellent protection in a lightweight and flexible format. The change in durometer of the material during impact is easy to test, and if you slowly poke the material, it’s soft, squishy and pliable and leaves an obvious dent, while if you slam it fast and hard, it stiffens up substantially with less penetration.

The G-Form exoskeleton armor comes in the Tops, Bottoms, Knees, Elbows and Shin guards, and they’re fully washable, comfortable, lightweight and very flexible. The armor utilizes an elastic fabric, made from a nylon and spandex blend, in which the molded RPT padding is flat stitched onto the material. Most of the tube armor (arm and leg) have a top cuff that has a silicone gripper band, which offers adhesion, to prevent the armor from creeping and moving downwards during use. The snug fitting cut of the fabric assists in keeping things in place, and also provides compressive qualities. The wild look and exoskeleton design might not appeal to everyone’s taste, but they’re unique to say the least.

G-Form Womens Lineup and New Coloras

They have now added a women’s version to their lineup, which was created with input from Pro Enduro racer Tracy Moseley and other riders. The system includes shirts and shorts that were designed to fit the shape and anatomy of a woman’s body. Besides the anatomical design constraints, they also shrunk the pads size for a better fit. Also, they’re introducing some wild sublimated patterns on their armor, and some of it reminds me of a set of very cool pajamas?

G-Form PRO-X Knee-Shin Guard

The PRO-X Knee-Shin Guard is their newest sleeve for the gravity athlete. The PRO-X Knee-Shin Guard combines the articulation of their knee pad with integrated shin protection and lateral knee coverage. I have previously worn their separate knee and shin entities together, and although they worked fine it was missing a huge gap where the two met. This new integrated design provides maximum protection from the top of the knee all the way down to the shins.

7iDP Covert and Transition knee pads
7iDP Covert and Transition Knee Pads

7iDP Armor and Helmets

The lightweight Transition pads (on the right) now have a wrap around version for this season, so you no longer need to take your shoes off to put them on, making them handy to just toss in the pack until they’re needed. The Transition offers minimalist protection that is light and flexible, and utilizes a Poly/Spandex material, and four-way stretch mesh for improved ventilation and comfort.

7iDP Covert knee pads

The Covert knee is the do all set of armor, and the modular pad system is ideal for pedaling and riding down the gnar. It features removable double layer custom foam and high strength flexible 1mm knee cap. The Covert knee features a Compression fit, and utilizes a Poly/Spandex material, and four-way stretch mesh for improved ventilation and comfort.

7iDP Flex knee pads

The upgraded Flex knee pads also get a wrap around design and now come with a removable shin guard. The shin will be available in different lengths, allowing one to fine tune coverage depending on the riding and terrain that might be encountered.

7iDP M2 helmet

7iDP is breaking into the helmet world with three versions, the full faced M1, the All Mountain M2 and lastly the dirt jump M3. The M2 has plenty of deep coverage over the neck and ears for maximum protection from a half shell design.

7iDP M1 helmet

The M1 helmet gets some wild and bright colors. The helmet uses a light polycarbonate shell with 17 vents for air exchange. For goggle use, it has a large port for a better field of vision and comfort.

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