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by Brian Mullin on April 5, 2016


The One is comfortable, light, full of features and is a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”


Bollé just released ‘The One’ helmet which is their first ever cycling helmet lineup using their many years of expertise from making snow sports helmets. The One is an innovative, high-performance helmet for roadies and mountain bikers.

The One Helmet

The One gets its name because it is several helmets in one, and the fully featured helmet offers many options and is highly customizable. The One helmet has 31 vents and comes with a slew of innovative features. Those include a sunglasses garage, a removable visor, an integrated LED light and plug, detachable airfoils, interchangeable all season liners and an emergency QR code. The One meets or exceeds the European and US CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets and weighs 280 grams with its summer liner and the blinky attached.


The helmets use an EPS liner and a polycarbonate shell, and for proper fitting, they utilize their Click-to-Fit retention system along with two vertical adjustments. The One comes in a Road version in Standard and Premium trims and the Mountain bike version in a Standard trim. The Premium trim includes the two-piece aeroshell though the aeroshell can be purchased optionally for an additional $40 if desired since it fits any version.

The Road Premium will be available in five color combinations, the Road Standard in four colors and the Mountain Bike comes in two colors. The One will range in price from $129.99 for the Standard trim to $169.99 for the Premium and comes in two sizes, small/medium (54-58cm) and medium/large (58-62cm).



All Season Liners

The helmet includes two different liners, a standard padding system for warm weather and another fleece skull cap with ear protection for cooler conditions. The washable fleece winter liner should mean the rider will not need an additional skull cap or winter hat during those cold rides. It uses a convenient hook-and-loop retention system for quick and easy liner swap outs, yet it still keeps the liner securely in place.


Removable Aero Shells

This particular option is available only on the upscale and road oriented The One Premium model. The removable aeroshells allow a rider to adjust helmet ventilation and aerodynamics. The two-piece shell system quickly snaps on and off, allowing alteration of the ventilation characteristics of the helmets 31 vents by entirely or partially covering the inlets. This system will also be advantageous for winter rides and triathlon and TT racers.



The rear-facing integrated lighting system (i.e. – the Blinky) is positioned just above the neckline for maximum visibility. The LED has three settings, off or operating in either a continuous or flashing mode to enhance visibility and safety. The LED is removable and can be replaced by a plug when the unit is not required. The LED will be a great item for any commuter and will even be useful for mountain biking at night, so other trail users are aware of the riders presence. It uses a coin cell battery for power and is supposed have a 40-hour life.


Additional Features

  • Sunglasses Garage – The helmet has a location just above the brow that is designed specifically to hold a pair of sunglasses. This garage or perch is easy to use, even with gloved fingers and the sunglasses temples just pop into a set of the lower front vents, offering a secure and stable purchase. Depending on the sunglasses styling they might fit either right side up or upside down.
  • Removable Visor – The helmet has a removable visor that makes it perfect for on and off-road adventures and rides. Mountain bikers love visors while roadies despise them, so the removable features make it cross functionally for all users purposes and desires.
  • Click-To-Fit System – Their Click-to-Fit retention system can easily be used even with gloved fingers and its micro-adjustable offers great fitting, comfort, and ensures a secure and stable fit.
  • Safety QR Code – The helmets include a safety QR Code, so if an accident occurs, a first responder can use a smartphone to read the QR codes to get emergency contact information or medical data through the use of-of a sixty-second recorded voice message.

For further information: bolle.com


First Impressions

The One helmet is comfortable and light and has a slew of innovative and useful features. Having the advantage of being able to use either a summer and winter liner, two aero covers makes it extremely customizable for any temperature conditions and riding types, and the LED makes it ideal for commuting.

The helmet has a snug and comfortable fit though it does seem to sit sort of high on top of the head without going deeply over the ears and lower neck. The rear portion offers some prodigious protection, and there is good coverage over the forehead. The padding does an adequate job of wicking moisture, and it is quite comfortable, and I especially liked the well-covered section on the rear adjustment system. Their Click-To-Fit system is easy to adjust and offers a comfortable fit without any hotspots or pinching. Its wheel has very distinctive and secure indents and was easy to turn even when wearing gloves and could be changed on the fly if needed.

The 31 vents do an excellent job of moving the air through the helmet, so it never felt like any overheating was occurring. When the temperature cools off you can add one or two of the aero covers to help retain some heat, though the covers are large and require a pack for storage when removed. I never needed the covers for aerodynamic purposes since that does not seem like a requirement for most mountain biking. The winter liner is a fleece skull cap which is toasty warm and would be best suited for temperature down in the teens and lower. It covers the entire inside of the helmet including the back Click-To-Fit system and goes over the ears.

The back LED is cool and will be useful for commuters and roadies, and it can be popped on and off the helmet if desired. The LED is touch operated on the bottom of the body though I found the pressure pad is sometimes too sensitive and can be accidentally engaged.

The One is comfortable, light, full of features and is a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

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