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by Brian Mullin on July 19, 2016


Bonx is a wireless Bluetooth-enabled earpiece that provides group conversations via a BONX-specific smartphone app (iOS and Android). The BONX Grip Bluetooth earpiece is comfortable, rugged and water and shock-resistant for the utmost in reliability when being used for outdoor activities.  It will be an ideal item for runners, climbers, cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, hikers and other outdoor users. The app helps set up a unique group or team that you’ll converse with, and conversations are triggered by voice activation, so there isn’t any need to push any buttons on the device or phone. It uses regular cellular networks to carry the voice transmissions and has dual microphones with wind and noise reduction technology for razor sharp speech.

I think this will be an extremely useful item on group bike rides, skiing, out hiking and while bouldering. Not having to scream at the top of your lungs to converse with friends would be quite useful and it would also be helpful during training and coaching sessions.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign to get them going in the US.

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Press Release

Japan’s BONX, the ‘GoPro of Communication,’ Launches Campaign

The largest-ever crowdfunding campaign in Japan now available to American consumers

(Japan; July 19, 2016) – Already a huge success in Japan, BONX is reimagining the art of communication. Originally launched late last year, the outdoor group-talk technology brand ran a crowd-funding campaign in Japan with great response, surpassing their initial funding target quickly and going on to become the most well-funded campaign ever in Japan. BONX is now ready the rest of the world, beginning with the Indiegogo campaign that started today. Having already shipped product to early backers in Japan, Bonx expects to be shipping to American backers in Q4.


Bonx Grip, a Bluetooth connected earpiece driven by a custom smart phone app, comes in four colors and sells for a suggested retail price of $139. Consumers can now pre-order Bonx via the company’s Indiegogo campaign.

An avid snowboarder, Takahiro Miyasaka, CEO of BONX became frustrated with the current status of communication while snowboarding with his friends, “I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could have real—time communication for outdoor activities.”


A Bluetooth earpiece, BONX Grip connects to an original smartphone app to facilitate unique group conversation, which only transmits voice when a user speaks and is optimized for outdoor environment with unstable cellular reception. Dual microphones with multilayer wind and noise reduction technology ensure crystal-clear speech, and there is no distance limit, thanks to data transmission over standard cellular networks. BONX Grip is water and shock-resistant. It’s uniquely designed to stay put during rigorous outdoor activities, and maintains maximum comfort with a choice of three different sized earbuds.


With a suggested retail of $139.99, the BONX Grip comes in 4 colorways – black, white, pink, and matcha green.


BONX is a outdoor group-talk technology brand. The Bonx Grip, their Bluetooth-connected earpiece that communicates via a BONX-specific smartphone app, is their first product.. Originally launched in Japan, BONX ran a hugely successful crowd-funding campaign before bringing the brand over to North America. The outdoor-activity focused product has been designed for comfort and functionality, all with the ease of Bluetooth. Retailing for $139.99, the BONX Grip is available in four colorways. For more information please visit:


Is the BONX smartphone app required, or can the earpiece be used standalone? The free BONX app is required for group conversation, and is available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play.
Which smartphones are supported? iPhone 5 or newer (> iOS 8) and select Android devices with Android version 4.3 or greater
How many BONX users can join a conversation simultaneously? The BONX app currently supports up to 10 simultaneous group members.
What is the effective range between BONX users? As long as you have cell phone reception, members in your group conversation can be on opposite sides of the world!
Is cell phone reception required to use BONX Grip? Yes, BONX Grip uses your smartphone’s data connection to transmit voice data. The earpiece and your phone communicate via Bluetooth and can be up to 10 meters away.
Can I use BONX Grip as a regular Bluetooth headset or headphones? Certainly! You can use BONX Grip for everyday phone calls or to listen to music at home.
Can I use BONX Grip underwater? BONX Grip is rated IPX5 water resistant, which means you can use it above and around water, but not while submerged (i.e. scuba diving, snorkeling).
Does BONX Grip come with a warranty? BONX Grip comes with a 1-year warranty against defects and malfunction. If anything goes wrong, we will replace the unit free of charge with proof of your pledge.

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