Wahoo Fitness TICKR X Review

by Brian Mullin on November 15, 2016


The Wahoo Fitness TICKR X is dual band heart rate and exercise monitor that can be paired with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ compatible devices, and it has internal memory that can store up to 16 hours of data even when the appropriate device recording interface isn’t available and can then be auto-synced to a smartphone afterward. In addition to heart rate, calories burned, and workout duration, it has advanced motion analytic capabilities utilizing an accelerometer, allowing a multitude of data capturing functions. The wireless TICKR X sensor provides real-time data tracking and comes with a chest strap and pairs with various Apps on both iOS and Android operating systems. I have been using the TICKR X as a heart rate monitor with my Garmin 1000 and 500, Bryton 530 and 310 cycling GPS computers for an extended period, and it always worked seamlessly, and I’ve found it to be comfortable and accurate and durable.

The TICKR product lineup of heart rate monitors consists of the top of the line TICKR X for $99.99, the running oriented TICKR Run for $79.99 and basic TICKR for $49.99. The base model features HR and calorie tracking, dual-band technology; the Run edition adds on running analytics and RunFit App support and a treadmill mode, while the X gets all of its brethren features along with functionality for Memory and cadence and fitness rep counting.



The Dual Technology capability offers ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection between the TICKR X to smartphones, tablets, GPS watches, and GPS cycling computers, making for an incredibly versatile sensor. The head unit has a Red and Blue LED that provides an intuitive and visible indication of the devices connection and heart rate detection, taking the guess work out of its current status. It uses a replaceable CR 2032 coin cell 3V battery for power which should last up to twelve months before replacement is required. Much of the setup and interfacing are performed within the easy to use Wahoo Fitness App, where you do the pairing, firmware updates, workout profiles and double tap.

It features an innovative ‘Rapid Double Tap Control’ interface in which a double tap of the head unit can perform preprogrammed functions, including Start/Pause/Resume Workout, Lap, Music playback changes and Markers for specific points in your workouts.


Most heart rate monitors don’t offer any memory functionality, and the internal 16-hour capabilities of the TICKR X are extremely handy, for situations like running, hiking or gym workouts where access to a smartphone or GPS computer might not be feasible. I also found it advantageous for those times when I forgot my phone, GPS device, or when their batteries died during a long ride. Once the workout has been completed the information, which includes HR, calorie, and duration data, can be auto-synced with your smartphone via the Wahoo Fitness App and then downloaded in various formats to third party Apps including Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness, TrainingPeaks, and others along with email.


In addition to providing heart rate data, it has a built-in accelerometer which can offer cadence for running and indoor cycling, smoothness of your running form and exercise rep counting. The rep counting feature is interesting as it allows you to do a workout program and count exercises including jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, step-ups, squats, lunges, etc. You can do the counting within their ‘The 7 Minute Workout’ App, making for an easy to follow the workout program. I have used the exercise interface multiple times and find it useful to get my lazy self to get in a quick workout, which has been especially helpful during offseason, though I admit I have never used any of the running pertinent functions, mostly due to bad knees.


Bottom Line

The dual band Wahoo Fitness TICKR X heart rate and exercise monitor provide connection capabilities to Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ compatible devices, including smartphones, GPS watches and cycling computers. It provides heart rate, calories burned, and workout duration data, and has advanced motion analytic capabilities from an internal accelerometer, allowing a multitude of data capturing functions. Additional movement data includes cadence for running and indoor cycling, running form and exercise rep counting, such as jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, step-ups, squats, lunges, etc. A unique and extremely useful feature are the 16-hour internal memory data bank that’s useful when a smartphone or GPS device isn’t feasible to use, and all of that data can be auto-synced afterward. The unit has been extremely durable and has outlasted a couple of other monitoring systems.

The wireless TICKR X sensor with its chest strap has been comfortable, durable, and accurate and the 16-hours of memory and motion analytic capabilities, double tap, and dual band technology make for an extremely functional and fully featured heart rate and exercise monitor.


  • Physical Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.75″ x .5″ x 1.5″
  • Weight: 8.5 grams (without strap)
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Battery Life: Up to 12 months
  • Sweatproof: Yes (hand washable strap)
  • Water Rating: IPX7 (waterproof up to 5 ft)
  • Strap Length: Adjustable from 23″ to 48″ (stretched)

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