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by Brian Mullin on January 26, 2017

The Wolf Tooth Components BarBag is a handlebar mounted storage bag with a see-through flip top lid that utilizes a magnetized closure. The trapezoidal shaped compartment has a .6 liter capacity and uses a stiffened nylon body. It has three Velcro closures straps which attach directly to the stem and handlebars for a secure and stable connection. You can carry munchies, a wallet, keys, tools and perhaps a small phone in the compartment and the flip top lid can easily be opened with one hand for easy access to the items. It comes in a left, or right side mounted version and retails for $34.95.

For further information refer to wolftoothcomponents.com

First Impressions

It was quite handy to have smaller things at my fingertips, and the flip top lid was easy to pop open and close with one hand. The clear lid was nice, so you could easily view the contents of the compartment. I tended to carry an energy bar, gels, chews/drops and other food items and a small tool such as the Fix It Sticks along with a head warmer. I tried to fit my phone in there, but the massive iPhone 7 Plus is too large to fit within the confines of the compartment. Items in the compartment tended to bounce around on rugged terrain and having the head warmer, or a skull cap around the items acted as a buffer to keep the noise down significantly. If you Velcro’ed the straps down tight on the bars and stem the BarBag tended not to move or bounce around that much, though on the rougher terrain the bag did jostle somewhat.

The front two Velcro straps wrap around the handlebar while the side strap goes through a piece of soft foam padding and then around the stem. Their compatibility states that it’s designed for flat bars, but it seemed to work fine with my oddly shaped SQlab 311 riser handlebars, though the forward bump of the 311’s by the stem might have made the lid not fit perfectly? Even after riding some rough trails and having a few mini crashes, nothing ever ejected from the BarBag.


  • Flat bar bike
  • Must have 17-18 cm of bar space available between the stem and anything clamped to the bar
  • Stem 50mm or longer


  • Secure and easily accessible on the bike nutrition/phone/wallet/tool storage.
  • Clear lid with automatic MagCro(TM) latch allows riders to easily access contents even in the roughest of conditions
  • Exact shaping to fit on the side of the stem while allowing standing pedaling without knee interference
  • Dimensions (trapezoidal shape):16cm x 7 cm x 5 cm and 7 cm deep (0.6 liter capacity)
  • GPS/Bike Computer bumper provided for spacing the bag away from the stem
  • Weight: 98g

Bottom Line

The Wolf Tooth Components BarBag is a handy and easy to use the handlebar mounted storage bag and the .6 liter capacity allowed you to carry food, tools and small items. The see-through flip top lid with the magnetized closure can be opened and closed with one hand, making for simple access and viewing. It comes in a left, or right side mounted version and securely attaches to the handlebars and stem.


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